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I caught up with an old friend and former colleague Nino Monsalve for a quick chat about marketing trends, technologies, and best practices facing the marketplace today in 2022.

Nino and I had the pleasure of working side by side in commercial real estate at Newmark Inc.(NMRK) from 2016 to 2020. It’s safe to say I took on notice of his passion for the science, the field of marketing, and just how its current evolution all around us is trickling down to the several industries in full refresh mode.

This video is the full interview complete with questions guided by yours truly. There is some packed information about digital marketing, trends, best software, and advice for starting w/ small independent work.

I recommend this for the next generation of up-and-coming digital creatives looking to get into marketing or marketing executives looking to get into some starters on savvy creative production techniques and graphic design.

“To Engage with your audience, to know what they want, means having an understanding from the top-down of your marketing process”

– Nino Monsalve, Marketing Director

Time Stamp Content Key:

Introduction: (0:00)

1) Your Role In Marketing: (0:35)

2) Trends/Technology/Tactics: (4:02)

3) Scaling In The Business: (9:39)

4) Advice For Future Gen: (16:15)

Outro + Subscribe: (19:14)


Marketing in its entirety was discussed, as well as the several industries Nino has worked in, but here are some of the questions I made sure to ask during our time together.

  • How have retail, consumer goods, and real ­­­­­­­estate industries become kingpins in content marketing?
  • What does “Omnichannel” mean to you? You’ve heard it in retail, real estate, and now in marketing and media distribution.
  • What trends are you noticing in the marketing agency and creative workspace as a consultant of several industries?
  • What type of software do you recommend the freelance marketing teams and or organizations implement? Any Free? Paid? Small business? Creative focused?
  • ­How are marketing business tools and technologies evolving? Adobe Suite? Creative professional suites in competition with the Adobe giant?
  • How has social media, video, and the cloud created advantages for smaller marketing teams?
  • Automation, templates, and improved assembly lines make content generation easier; do you think this has commoditized marketing in a good way?
  • What do you consider the current concept of branding means for retailers/brokers/ and small businesses? Integrated across all digital?
  • How do you keep the content cycle and clout/hype train relevant and up to date in a work from home/remote situation several of us face today?
  • Anything a marketing/branding/creative can do to prepare for the future of cycling trends, evolving marketing technology, and heightened customer expectations?

Thanks For Your Time!

If you enjoy the content/ the conversation/ or the guest information – make sure and check out my YouTube Channel for more great interviews planned down the road.

As always, thanks for your time, and from all of us at Optimum Media, take care!

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