Brand Storytelling Through Instagram

Social Media Marketing Series 

At the crux of all of our communications is narrative, and the thirst for stories between one another. The best marketing managers understand the power of brand storytelling and utilize this strategy when commanding their social media admins.

With the evolution of the mobile-phone camera; resolution, frame rates, and onboard memory, application-based changes abound our cultural phenomena and storytelling abilities.

Content is suffocating the oxygen we breathe and it’s only scaling in volume. with the advent of automation, software and the cloud, marketing strategy on social media is contagiously automatic and often inauthentic, lackluster and   

Not only is the consumer-based perspective hinged off of a social-media reflection/crowd-sourced culture, but the brands are picking up trends and killing them simultaneously as smarter consumers grow cautious.

That’s not to say that some brands don’t effuse the beautiful art of captivating narrative through the Instagram application. For brands looking to tell long-format stories centered around the sustainability of species, climate change, and political activism, Instagram does exactly the trick!

Two brands, in particular, have picked up on unique brand storytelling strategies via the image/video-based platform.

Stories and Path of the Panther

With over 500 million people consuming Insta Stories daily, they are something ALL brands are paying attention to at the moment. Time, money, and resources are being directed to capture the consumer’s attention.  

Instagram has the reach and tools necessary to keep your audience engaged and for over a hot minute! The return on investment possible is even further when stories are interwoven with the Swipe-Up for more options.

The Instagram page for non-profit coalition “Path Of The Panther”, has used Insta Stories to consciously motivate their audience through strong reach and a vivid short-format image-based campaign.

The stories were interwoven with educative assets and links to donation-based pages on the non-profit website. Their efforts were so engaging, they helped raise funds for, and successfully pass The Florida Wildlife Corridor. 

Instagram Story Ads are also an option as an insert in between stories. The idea is the consumer is engaged and attentive to the flow of content and media that the ad is seen as less intrusive at the time of display. 

Path of The Panther had little to worry about in the sense of advertisement as their focus was educating the masses on the plight of an endangered species and the political axis forming around the limited population of remaining panthers. 

The story brought emphasis to the plight of conservatory policy and its ties with specific political activists. Overall it did wonders in the sense of reach for the campaign and successfully brought control and information into the hands of the Floridian people.  

Reels and Sea Legacy

SeaLegacy is another untold environmental unicorn on Instagram. Known globally primarily for their conservation and marine-biome focus of funding and awareness. Their partnership programs and internationally famous ambassadors are dedicated to saving the seas and sparking global conversation around ocean conservation. 

Icons Cristina Mittermeier, Paul Nicklen, and Shawn Heinrichs have found a lifelong mission in their work. Easily enough they have transferred this emotion, memorability, and relatability via the strong visual elements of their photographic work. 

Not only are visuals of the most exotic locations and species native to their body of work and visual creativity, but it becomes the most exhilarating and moving content that inspires the human in all of us. 

The Instagram Reel option has given larger accounts like Sea Legacy the ability to spin longer format videos off of their Instagram stories.  

Fullscreen, immersive and authentic. SeaLegacy hit on all three of these anchor aspects of vitality in terms of Insta Reels. The interface of stories provided a strong CTA (Call-to-action) through the ability to focus on singular messaging instead of design, editing, and popularity algorithms littering the app. 

Instead, the marketers for the campaign found formatting freedom and content potency through their direct narrative ability, and quick, on-the-go editing tools provided within Instagram. 

Their social media marketing tactics paid off through their striking authenticity and appeal to the human condition and sad state of climate change. To this day, the channel-audience formatting still provides as their main crowd-funding source for their affiliated non-profit partners across the globe.

The Evolution

While the tools surrounding video marketing via social media apps and the onboard software integrated within the cloud continue to evolve, so too does the patience-paradox of our consumers. 

The best brands are by and large continuously able to cut through the fat and engage their target audience because they employ the right strategies and continue to pioneer, adapt and implement the change requested via their crowd sources. 

The only way forward is to adapt, Path of The Panther and SeaLegacy have surely learned how. 

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