Dr. Squatch’s Diversified Media Mix

Social Media Marketing Series 

E-commerce has gone through quite an evolution over the last decade. This is largely due to technology scale, shopping trends, and an overall marketplace shift to online. Also largely due to Amazon’s arrival on the scene; providing customers with subscription-based delivery, at the spur of their requests. 

Not only did Amazon’s Prime service epitomize the future of supply chain logistics and brand extension success, but it single-handedly knocked out a whopping percentage of small businesses. 

Some prevailed. Some made strides, and some like Dr. Squatch founder Jack Haldrup, a local Southern California entrepreneur, found the unique social media strategy that made his brand compete with the likes of Proctor & Gamble and Unilever. 

Dr. Squatch’s sales topped $6M in 2018 (their first year in business) and have propelled to roughly $110M today (2021). The brand is an outlier in the sense of its initial and now continued success with social media strategy, brand recall, and unique video content. 

Social Strategy Bets

Dr. Squatch is a commercial success, not only due to its unique marketing savvy but its YouTube commercials and video campaigns that were particularly recognizable and goofy, to say the least. 

There was nothing particularly special or different about the product. What started as an interest in sourcing handmade soaps from local farmer’s markets, turned into a curated line of natural soaps made from organic ingredients. These were not only premium in ingredients but were safe for people with sensitive skin, psoriasis, etc. 

Limited supplied artisanal soaps that flaunt smells like Pine Tar, Bay Rum, and Cedar Citrus, all shared a common allure, the smells and the “shtick” were produced for men. This was clear but also posed a large risk. Jack and his marketing team bet that with enough brand recall and exposure, every middle-American male would give it a chance.

It was one of the first times a soap company had sought to target male shoppers specifically, and at a premium price point. 

Jack, with his background in finance and information systems, took an early bet on using Facebook Ads as opposed to Google considering his audience. Not only did it help, but it tripled their sales. 

This he had a bet, was a certain route to his target audience, primarily a Whole-Foods, college-educated, male shopper, that uses the likes of Dr. Bronners, etc. 

YouTube Magic

After their initial success with Facebook Ads, they decided to let flow the marketing spend. They partnered with an outside marketing agency and invested around $20K towards their first video marketing campaign. 

The uniquely sarcastic, and outdoorsy woodsman humor, nailed it literally. The video went viral and after spreading online grew their YouTube subscriber base from 11,000 to 17k in just 30 days. 

Continued Adaptation

While Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube continued to dominate about 85$ of their digital media budget, and for good reason, the marketing team decided to shift a small percentage (10%) of their dollars to the new wave on Snapchat. 

The app had a serious “woo-ability” for small brands, but also made it easy for them to create in-video streaming advertisements and push user-generated engagement. 

Considering it a bet on their future strategy the brand aimed to be agile and flexible in the face of market shifts. They placed faith in using Snapchat to introduce a whole new generation to the Dr. Squatch soap line as well as push user-generated content (what the app. is known for). 


Today, Dr. Squatch is the fastest growing men’s personal care company and it all started as a small business touting natural soap. The key catalyst here was a unique and dynamic media mix that continually resonated with its target audience. 

The brand’s highly-visual Google discovery ads paired with their viral video content have provided a 400% lift on Year/Year revenue and a 33% boost in You CTR IN 2020 alone. 

The marketing team knows that their doing and several agencies and markets around the industry are taking note. The ever-changing digital atmosphere is highly responsive and engaging for small brands when approached the right way. 

Dr. Squatch is a perfect example of modern marketing done right via social media. 

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