The Benefits Of Google Ads

E-Marketing for Brands Series 

When it comes to Pay Per Click advertising for small brands, few strategies can compete with Google Ads customization capability, enterprise reach, and rapidly evolving machine learning. 

Although widely popular amongst marketers, it is also one of the hundreds of e-marketing advertising mediums. 

Brands must first and foremost decide if online advertising through display and google search ads is their best channel for return. 

As a small business, it can become difficult to decide where to start. Let alone what key performance indicators to measure with your campaigns. 

Once optimized, the return per Google Ad campaign can often double a manager’s initial investment, if done right. 

Google is also responsible driving upwards of $335 billion in business activity year after year.

The takeaway here, if a few solid foundational steps can be made, the Ad campaign bones will provide for months and years to come. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key features and tenets of this continually evolving online marketing platform.

Campaign Customization

Google Ads works by allowing marketers to target keywords they believe their audiences will use, which they then automatically bid through, providing marketers with a first-row seat in their customer’s search activity. 

Brands should first ask themselves, what their advertising goals are so they can select the appropriate campaign type. 

The most popular of which are Search Network Campaigns, Call-Only Campaigns, Display Network Campaigns, and Remarketing

Google provides a wealth of automation and tools to support those new to the program and building campaigns. 

For example, the range of targeting provided by broader versus long-tail keywords is worth exploring, as the latter are generally less expensive and provided for more in-market customers. 

Connect With The Right People 

The reason so many small businesses flock to Google Ads is not only their enormous reach as a search platform but more importantly, the intent-rich audiences they continually elicit at the other end of our advertising campaigns.

Through Google Ad campaigns, you are advertising to the most intent and product/service-specific prospects.

Additionally, instead of distracting and interrupting, you are aiding their search by providing something of value. You are providing the answers

You can thank Google for this beautiful digital marriage of business and customers.  

Control Over Your Dollars

Understanding that monthly spending can make or break a small business is where Google Ads shines. 

Speedy auctions help the platform determine which ad to show based on the spend characteristics of ad campaigns. 

While some clicks may cost brands hundreds, others may be quite cheap depending on the length and popularity, but, there are ways around paying premiums for keywords, and making daily budgets is still possible for those in need.

Maximum daily bids can be installed so that managers can breathe easier knowing the daily management of ad campaigns won’t derail budgets so easily. 

Small businesses can also decide how much they want to spend monthly based on Google Ads Performance Planner.

The tool will help illustrate potential performance increases based on budget increases and vice versa. 

Your brand will have time to adapt and optimize ads and ad groups through the performance-based analysis and results provided in the Ads dashboard. 


Although considered difficult by some, with a deal of effort and planning, Google Ads can be a rewarding avenue for small businesses looking to rock their online advertising. 

The customization, relevance, control, and results are all reasons Google continues to be one of the best ways to market and grow your business. 

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