The Blue Ocean Strategy And Matterport 3D Technology

Long considered a competitive ecosystem, real estate marketing has known the same tools and technologies for the past decade.

Safe to say, the usual High Dynamic Range photographs, high definition and frame rate videos, aerial photographs and panoramas, drone video, and point of view captures did not provide much novelty for the customer.

Head-to-head competition between the camera giants remained sustained, with very little differentiation provided for the consumer and marketing clients. 

One could argue, the industry hit an innovative plateau.

New competitive advantages offered to those looking to market their properties at luxury and global-scale, as well as the artists, looking to hone their craft, direct, and create new media forms.

The capacity for technological advancement and articulation was basically grounded due to existing hardware barriers with current camera systems.

Matterport cameras employ the revolutionary power of 3D mapping from a single camera interface and software.

The software renders a fully immersive experience that exports quickly allowing designers, architects, and contractors can to collect measurement and data efficiently.

It is the ideal tool for shooting homes, residential projects, construction developments, commercial spaces, and large-scale design portfolios.

Users interact with the camera via an app on a mobile phone or through computer software.

The platform makes it easy to customize and publish high-resolution, walkable virtual floor plans that any prospect, client, or customer can discover at their leisure.

Not to mention this can be shared in the snap of a finger around the world, all from the comfort of your palm.

Matterport, by definition, took the opportunity to create a blue ocean for themselves.

They developed a whole new technology to offer a new value innovation channel for the industry. Matterport created a new uncontested market space for themselves.

They made the competition of Sony, Nikon, Canon, Ricoh, FujiFilm and Panasonic irrelevant.

Their offering is differentiated and relatively low cost when compared to alternative camera technologies.

During a global pandemic, the Real Estate industry is noticing an uptick in virtual solutions provided by several marketing firms and media production avenues.

Matterport is the benefactor of this gap in the industry.

This was a glaring opportunity for them as they were in place to maintain a healthy supply through the last business year.

Currently, they are attracting the largest volume of new customers and simultaneously driving new demand.