Winning In Email Marketing Pt. 2

Email Marketing That’s Sure To Dent The Inbox

Email is effective, cheap, and easy to analyze. It’s no wonder email marketing is still an anchor of marketing managers and the mainstay of introductory brand narrative in 2021.  

In one of our previous posts, Winning In Email Marketing, we looked at email marketing in brief; discussing key elements for savvy and effective email marketing and small businesses.

But what exactly makes an email stand out amongst the rest these days? Well, the ingredients are straightforward; the execution is a bit more rigorous.

Most importantly, maintaining attention through personalization, uplift modeling, split testing, and using automated scheduling is sure to drive the best results and wow your audience on the delivery side. 

Let’s take a look at these key strategies to knock out the competition. 

Brief Reciprocity

First and foremost, respect your audience’s time and inbox. The best way to do so is to maintain clear objectives, state your purpose, but be brief. 

Personalization can have a serious positive impact on click rates and open rates. Creating unique messages for the email receiver can generate $20 ROI for every dollar spent. 

Personalizing using available customer information or previous shopping history can be easily achieved at scale through software suite programs like HubSpot, Mail Chimp, and Constant Contact

Split Testing

Secondly, it is important to conduct split testing on emails to gather what works best with specific audience lists and what does not. 

The best method of split testing, or A/B testing, is to vary one element within the email design, subject line, copywriting, creative, pictures, or promotions. 

By randomly splitting your audience list and measuring your results of open rates, CTR, bounce, unsubscribe and spam, you can get clear indicators of what works and what doesn’t.

Split testing can go as far as helping Presidents succeed in gathering donations. President Obama’s marketing team used split testing to alter one of their campaign emails, which, in turn, garnered $2 M more in donations. 

Uplift Modeling

Another great tool to measure the predictive influence of a marketing design or segment variable is to use uplift modeling. Uplift combines the modeling of A/B testing and propensity likelihoods. 

This style of modeling can have a serious impact on budgets and time for marketing teams.  

They help drive decision-making at the highest level by illustrating the “uplift” possible through choosing one action over the other. 

Not only can uplift modeling help predict customer action probabilities but, it can help you predict the sample size necessary to have statistical significance in your split testing. 

Email Marketing VS. Digital Marketing Channels


With the software suite tools available to marketers, there is no reason email content, once segmented, can be scheduled in advance. 

This system can help alleviate pressure at certain pain points of the marketing team’s creative assembly timeline. 

When recently polled, 40% of survey respondents provided they email more than once a day and less than weekly, which gives us startling insight. 

Marketing scheduling is one of the many forms of automation afforded with the exponential growth in subscription and cloud-based marketing software. 

Scheduling promotional emails, seasonal emails celebrating holidays and culture-related events, loyalty programs, transactional and amenity-laden emails, are all good creative templates for email launch. 


The whole of email marketing science is greater than the sum of all its dynamic and separate parts. 

We could dive even deeper into email marketing strategies and best practices. What’s more important is that with the provided anchor protocols and steps, small businesses and brands can take the first step to conduct strong email campaigns. 

Look for further digs on e-marketing science and marketing technology in the coming weeks! 

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